Wearable Winners @SXSW

Congrats to Official  SXSW Accelerator Wearables Winner:  Skully Helmets

This is a fabulous use case for heads-up display, and goes well beyond Glass in mass appeal. The product goes into the same category as  Recon Instruments Jet glasses & ski goggles collaborations (Eg; Oakley Airwave) where it makes perfect sense for a particular large audience segment/usedr, and doesn’t need to appeal to everyone to still reach the masses.

Winner Of Speed Round Pitch: Avegant Glyph 


Every geek wants one of these, and their $1.5mm Kickstarter campaign exemplifies that.  Many @sxsw also showed a lot of interest, and I especially love that their official celebrity endorsement is by Snoop Dog.  

Best Attended Session: Cute Circuit

While they got a lot more PR at NY Fashion Week, they had a standing-room only event @sxsw with a lot of great reviews.  They are less about ‘function’ than fashion, but the designs are impressive and spur creative innovation of what is possible.  Check out the video below or click here to learn more. 

Best Newcomer:  Ringblingz


There are very few fashionable wearables out there, and Ringblingz recently graduated from the Techstars/RGA Connected Devices Accelerator program and launched @SXSW.  While not officially winning an award, they received positive feedback and have nice looking designs. 

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